Choosing a Home Safe

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Which home safe is right for you?

When buying a safe for your home it’s important to consider what you are likely to be keeping in it.

 If you are going to be holding large amounts of cash then you will need a security safe with an equivalent or higher cash rating than any amount of cash you are likely to store at any one time.

What does ‘Cash Rating’ mean?

The cash rating tells you the amount of cash the safe is designed to protect.

If you are looking for a home safe to provide a good level of security for smaller amounts of cash and valuables, we normally recommend using £4000 cash rated safes as a benchmark.

The higher the cash rating usually indicates the more resistance a security safe will normally provide in the event of physical attack.

If you need a safe to satisfy insurance requirements always check with your provider what cash rating is required.

Granite Safes do supply different size safes for home use but you may need to browse through our High Security Safes or AiS Insurance Approved Safes listings.

Can a safe be installed in the home?

Home safes are designed to be bolted down to a solid floor, some also have rear wall fixing positions and come supplied with fixing bolts, an optional bolt-down installation service can be provided for all our home safes or may be included with high graded units.

Many of our home safes have the option for either key-locking or battery-operated electronic locks. The choice is yours and really is down to personal preference as both locking options will still provide the same level of security within its family range.

Granite Safes have a wealth of knowledge regarding security safes for the home so if you are in any doubt which home safe is best for you please feel free to give us a call on 0161 819 6883 and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you

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