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  • Chubbsafes DuoGuard 200E Grade 1
  • Chubbsafes DuoGuard 200E Grade 1
  • Chubbsafes DuoGuard 200E Grade 1
  • Chubbsafes DuoGuard 200E Grade 1 AiS Approved

Chubbsafes DuoGuard Grade 1 – 200E

£2,550.00 Ex VAT

  • Ext Size (mm):  1150H x 600W x 561D
  • Cash Rating: £10,000
  • Fire Rating: 60 Minutes Paper
  • Weight:  264KG
  • Fixing Hole:  Base
  • Locking: Electronic Lock


Chubbsafes Duoguard Grade 1
£10,000 Cash Rating (£100,000 Jewellery Rating)

Innovative safe for combined burglary and fire protection

Burglary protection in accordance with the European standard, EN 1143-1, as certified by ECB•S for Grade 1.



  • Chubbsafes Duoguard Grade 1 has been approved by ECB•S in accordance with EN 1047-1 in class S 60 P for one hour’s fire protection of paper documents.
  • The safe’s new composite, torch-resistant barrier material – Dualite – ensures burglary and fire protection whilst also reducing its total weight. The low weight minimises transportation and installation costs.
  • The three-way boltwork is constructed with solid steel bolts.
  • For additional security, Sovereign Elite is fitted with an active relocker and anti-drilling plates have been incorporated into the boltwork to withstand burglary attempts. The plates are specially designed and made with manganese-coated steel for Grade 0 and T200X carbide-clad steel for Grade I.
  • A Class A mechanical key lock or a Class B high security electronic lock, approved in accordance with EN 1300, are both available as primary lock options. Electronic locks increase the level of security and prevent unauthorised access to the safe.
  • Every model can be customised with a range of internal fittings to maximise storage capacity.
  • A data media insert is available, certified 60 Diskette by NT Fire 017, for one hour’s fire protection of heat sensitive data media.
  • Sovereign Elite has a modern design with an ergonomic soft-touch handle.

Cash Rating – Naturally, the cash rating increases with the grade of Chubbsafes Duoguard. The recommended cash ratings are for Grade 1 is £10,000

Jewellery Rating – The cash rating is multiplied by a factor of 10 for jewellery so a Chubbsafes Duoguard Grade 1 with a cash rating of £10,000 will allow for storing jewellery worth £100,000 in domestic situations. Always consult your Insurer for confirmation.

As the primary locking option, Chubbsafes Duoguard safes can be fitted with either a high-security electronic lock (Class B) or a key lock (Class A). Dual locking is available from model 110 and up. The primary lock can be complemented by a combination lock or both a key lock and electronic lock can be fitted.

All locks are tested by ECB•S and are certified in accordance with the EN 1300 standard. Chubbsafes Duoguard high-security electronic lock – certified Class B by ECB¥S includes the following features: 1 master code, 1 supervisor code and 7 user codes. Time delay of up to 99 minutes between lock being operated and door being opened. Also equipped with time-delay override. Protective function to raise silent alarm if lock is being opened under duress.

Fire Testing  Chubbsafes Duoguard has been approved in accordance with the European standard, EN 1047-1 in fire class S 60 P, which means the safe will protect paper documents for one hour. This certification was awarded by ECB•S (European Certification Board • Security Systems). If the Data Box Insert (option) is fitted, the unit will provide a minimum of 60 minutes fire protection for computer back-up tapes and other media.

Test Procedure

Stage 1  The cabinet is placed in a furnace and heated to a temperature of almost 1000°C for 60 minutes to simulate the effects of a severe fire.

Stage 2  The safe is removed from the furnace and cooled. When opened, the inner temperature of the cabinet must not exceed 150°C.

Burglary Testing  Chubbsafes Duoguard has been approved by ECB•S in accordance with the European standard, EN 1143-1, for burglary protection in Grade 1. A range of attack tools were used to test Sovereign Elite’s level of resistance, from basic tools to sophisticated machinery such as oxyacetylene torches and thermal lances.

Allow 65mm for the projection of door handle.

ALso available with a key lock Chubbsafes DuoGuard Grade 1 200K


Additional information

External Dimensions

1150H x 600W x 561D (mm)

Internal Dimensions

1050H x 500W x 386D (mm)


203 L


264 kg

Cash Rating


Valuables Rating


Fire Rating - Paper

60 Minutes

AiS Approved


Euro Grade

Grade 1 – £10,000

Fits A4 Paper



Electronic Lock

Display Screen



9 (User Changeable)

PIN Length

6 Digits


1 x 9V Battery

Battery Location


Backup Entry


Fixing Hole


Locking Bolts




Fixed Hinge Bolts



Constructed using Chubbsafes revolutionary new lightweight barrier material, providing superior strength and an overall insulated wall thickness of 50mm

Anti Drill Protection






Lead Time

Delivery: 5-10 Days, Installation: Up to 3 weeks


2 Years

Security Certificate

EN 1143-1 Eurograde 1 Tested by ECBS

Fire Certificate

EN 1047-1 S60P Tested by ECBS

Lock Certificate

EN 1300 Class B

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